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The Social Benefits of Smiling

We all know that when we smile we trigger many different things that have positive effects, not only on our moods, but also on our health and disposition. So why not take the best care of your smile possible?

Aside from personal benefits, smiling also has many social benefits. We often use our expressions to convey emotions or even messages about how we feel. When it comes to smiling, we can use it in many different ways when we are interacting with a person.

Smiling has numerous social benefits. It conveys openness, acceptance, and even trustworthiness. When you genuinely smile at people they feel more comfortable engaging you in a conversation. Smiling makes you more approachable and easier to talk to. It also signifies that you’re interested in speaking with others.

Another social benefit of smiling is the ability to convey pleasure, happiness, or satisfaction. At a party or social gathering, people smile when they are having a really good time. Smiles turn to laughter and even more bonding moments with other people. If you’re having a good time, a smile on your face will show others you’re enjoying the event and their company which makes them smile and happy as well.

Our smiles have many uses and personal and social benefits. However, if there’s something we don’t like about our teeth we often hold back our smiles, either consciously or unconsciously. To learn more about how Dr. Hansford can help you smile more with cosmetic dentistry, call 250.374.2615.

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