Relax... Drift off to sleep, & wake up with the Smile of your dreams.

Sedation Dentistry

Enjoy the comfort of sedation. Wouldn’t you rather relax and drift off to sleep for your next dental appointment and wake up with the smile of your dreams?

Dr. Hansford offers sedation that provides a calming effect for the duration of your appointment. In fact, most patients have no memory of the dental procedure. Dr. Hansford is one of the only dentists who are specially trained and certified to provide both Oral and IV Sedation.

We’ve sedated over 4,000 patients and they tell us that they love it.

Ask for sedation and get all of your dentistry done in one visit.

Whether it’s for cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, wisdom teeth or general dentistry, sedation is available for you.

“It was great to wake up and everything was done!”

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